Million Dollar NFT: Become part of nft history

1 min readFeb 3, 2022


Who is the Million Dollar NFT?

  • This is a project created so that everyone can leave their mark on NFT history.

How is the Million Dollar NFT different from other collections?

  • We are not just a picture, we are history. Our site will forever retain anyone who wants to leave their mark.

What is the advantage of the Million Dollar NFT?

  • We give anyone the opportunity to promote themselves, no matter collector, designer or artist. Anyone can promote their services through our site.

How do we promote?

1. You buy a nft at
2. We put a link to you/your product on our website
3. Your preview appears on the site with an active link
4. Endless stream of advertising!

We’ll keep your mark on history forever, we’re not just a collection of NFTs we make history!
Join us!

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